How Much?

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‘How Much?’ responds to those niggling questions about the life of your money. From the time it gets into your hands to the time it leaves.

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‘How Much?’ responds to those niggling questions about the life of your money. From the time it gets into your hands to the time it leaves.

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12 reviews for How Much?

  1. Makena

    This was such an excellent and informative read! I have learned so many new things about how to do my money better as a millennial working and living in Kenya!

  2. moraa

    The question on how much motherhood will cost of me is one I struggle with the most. Some days I have an idea of how much it requires of me and some days I am shocked this is what motherhood requires of me. Bett tackles this topic with grace and care. And that, I appreciated.

    I loved this book very much .

  3. Simon Njeeh

    Just finished reading your wonderful book today 8th Jan 2023 at 00.44 hrs.

    I promise to read and read it again studiously. Some words and expressions are too tech foreign. I need to understand them. I need to clearly understand ‘non fungible token’ (NFT).I understood ‘touching the wood’ to mean death.

    You also wrote about the pyramid schemes – many during Kibaki’s second term.
    I almost sunk Shs 100K to them. The money was meant to pay for Wangui’s 1st semester at Kemu.

    The scheme was called New Horizons. It was operating from Kenbanco house next to Lilian house at the junction of Haile Selassie/Moi Avenue/Tom Mboya.

    Your book brings out many memories with lessons.

    Thank you for acknowledging us therein.

    God bless you as you step to your next project.

    Give our love to GB,Muna and Njeeh.
    Baba and Mama GB

  4. Dorcas

    I absolutely love it. This and ‘Should I?’ have spoken volumes into my journey towards Financial Freedom. I shared the pages on planning a wedding with my sisters as she plans hers. At this rate, I should get her the book.

  5. Just Ivy Africa

    Bett, you’ve done it again. My 2nd book of the year. Done. This is what financial literacy in Kenya should be – Fun. Witty. Well-Researched. Practical and Thought provoking.

    1-3 days. That’s how much time you’ll spend consuming the nuggets in this book.

    1399 KES. That’s how much money you’ll need to purchase a copy @rafubooks or @nuria_thehoneststore.

    Invaluable. That’s how much value you’ll gain.

    My favorite chapters?
    1. How do I write my will? Bett literally puts together a series of events that will force you to think about your death and learn legalese while you’re at it. It’s scary good.

    2. I’m foolish with my money when I’m in love – unfool me?! She gives tough loves to young women in relationships. Tough love I wish I had in my twenties.

    3. How much money should we have saved before getting a baby? Wueh. Movers, there is an actual formula. @_craftit breaks it down simply and leaves a table to refer to. Great read for parents, not just those planning to have families.

    4. What the hell is a REIT? One of the best, most practical breakdowns of this investment I have ever seen.

    Start your year reading ‘How Much’ and #learnsomethingnew

  6. Lynet, Financial Fitbit

    I was literally laughing through the book. @_craftit has humour in her writing and makes personal finance writing so simple and educational with real life experiences. Yooh! but you have expensive hobbies 😂😂😂😂😂 Bett

    Do you know how much your funeral will cost? Have you thought about it? Well I have. And if you haven’t then it’s time you think about it… it may sound scary but it’s not.

    As a personal finance coach and financial literacy enthusiast @_craftit speaks my language. She reminds us through the book that building a sufficient emergency fund takes years not minutes, one thing I usually emphasize to my clients. Let no one lie to you it takes minutes.

    I can go on and on about this book but all I can say is you need to read it! Don’t even think twice, just head over to @_craftit page and buy the book 📚. She has 2 books, buy both!

    I struggle reading financial literacy books mainly because of my career & education background. But your writing made it easy and enjoyable. Will definitely buy the first book ‘Should I’ and read it.

  7. Karen

    Book done.

    3.5-4 out of 5 for this one.

    My favourite section was part II: “your family’s finances.” The perspective on succession planning were informative and quite interesting to read.

    This installment has a number of typos though. I also struggled reading the chapter on NFTs, felt like it dragged a bit and I found myself sleepy. (I’m sorry 😅)

    Overall, it’s a good read.

  8. Joy

    I have had a struggle finishing on books, but books that speak to my soul are easy to read and “How Much? ” falls in that category. I bought the book on Wednesday this week and I am done [Saturday]. I have exams this coming week but that didn’t keep me away from this wonderful book.

    I love your style of writing and the sense of humour as you pass the wisdom across.

    I won’t lie, I was becoming a bit annoying as I read it in our shared office with my husband as I was bursting into laughter as I read the book.

  9. Mwangi

    Hello Bett,

    I hope this email finds you well. I must say that I have really enjoyed reading your two books. They are a nice piece of work perfectly executed.

    Keep soaring.

  10. Swan

    You are hilarious. I am on page 18. Yes I agree segggzzissm in ruracios. Very annoying. I asked my mum if I could get 10% since everyone except me is benefitting. Bombastic side eyes and almost a slipper is what I could have received at my big age. Love your book.

  11. Jake

    Heeeeey!! I am that bro 😁😁

    Book is amazing. I like how I can start from any chapter. Also feels like you’re calling me out & comforting me at the same time – not sure how you’ve managed to do this.

    Currently having a very tough fight myself figuring out where my life/career is headed + a young family to lead (I secretly want to write but not sure where to start)

    I am a believer now and currently hunting down all your articles 😁

  12. Nyambura Nga’ng’a

    Money is such a subject that if you don’t master it, it will keep repeating the same painful lessons. It doesn’t give a hoot if you are not willing to learn.

    Enters Bett. She writes about money in a non-technical way. Simplifies it like one, two, three. She even throws in some humor. Yaani, you will understand through and through. If you don’t, either you re-read the book or go back to money beating you.

    I particularly enjoyed reading about NFT’s. Out here, people write about them like hieroglyphs. You read about them like you would for an exam. Only to discover they aren’t even that complex.

    My takeaway from this book is “do the damn work.” pg. 120. I might add, “learn, unlearn and re-learn about money if you want to master it.”

    4.1 * rating.

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